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Book an appointment with Australia's best natural-look Eyebrow Artist, Mehrnoush.

Highest quality. Feel natural. See perfection...your smile is guaranteed.

Afterpay & Zip Pay are Available (not for deposit). You can easily Click Here to Book Online, or Contact Us to assist you in online booking, if you are not (or don't have) any of the following:

-Under 18 years old or Male

-Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers

-Those prone to keloids or post-inflammatory hypopigmentation

-Excessive sebum, too oily skin

-Keratosis, or History of MRSA in the last 6 months

-Having a transmittable blood disease such as HIV or Hepatitis

-Abnormal heart condition (medical clearance*)

-Diabetics (medical clearance*)

-Seborrhea dermatitis

-Chemotherapy patients

-Problematic skin and acne, or extremely sensitive skin or eczema on the face

-Temporarily sunburnt skin

-Allergic to tattoo pigment or anesthetic cream or cosmetic products (medical clearance*)

-Autoimmune diseases (medical clearance*)

-Epilepsy, or Haemophilia, or Hepatitis

-Taking Roaccutane medications

-Cosmetic injectable or surgery within 2 weeks of the microblading/shading treatment.

-Microneedling within 5 days before or after the microblading/shading treatment.

-Taking iron tablets within 1 week, and using Retinol within 1 month, before the appointment.

​* For medical clearance, you need to text us (0410549170) an approval letter from your doctor/GP and wait to receive our confirmation message before booking.

Please note that the best result in microblading/shading treatment is for those without any previous microblading or tattoo, because the previous pigment and its quality will affect the result in new treatment depending on skin type. Those with any previous microblading or tattoo may need at least two sessions.


Your appointment is 1-on-1 only with Mehrnoush so make sure you come alone as it's a long appointment. Street parking is usually available for 2 hours around the clinic on the street.


Simply click here to book online.

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