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Transform your eyebrows to naturally full brows with Mehrnoush's unmatched attention to detail.

Natural Semi-Permanent Eyebrows, customised for your face.

Afterpay & Zip Pay Available. Click Here to Book Online or Contact Us.

1-Natural-Look Microblading / Bold Brows: $ 650, 2 hours

including detailed brow designing, measuring, shaping, one free after-care pack

Newest style of Microblading technique to create natural look hairstrokes by using a super fine manual blade.

Will usually last up to 6-12 months (depending on your skin type).


2- Micro shading / Combination / Eyebrow Misting: $ 7502 hours

including detailed brow designing, measuring, shaping, one free after-care pack.

Combination of natural look microblading and shading which adds texture by infusing the shadow effect between the hair strokes.

Highly recommended  for oily skins, for clients with less or no hair in the tail of the brows, and those with previous microblading and tattoo.

Will usually last up to 6-18 months (depending on your skin type).


3-First Touch Up (highly recommended 4 -6 weeks after the first treatment): $190, 1 hour

including detailed brow designing, shaping, and a free after-care pack.

Only for Brows by Mehrnoush clients.  New clients: please book full treatment.


IF Needed: Annual Touch Up: $390  (up to 18 months after the first treatment if needed)

1 hour, 30 mins

including detailed brow shaping and a free after-care pack.

Only for Brows by Mehrnoush clients.  New clients: please book full treatment.

Annual touch-up is an optional treatment if needed for some clients depending on skin type.


Interested in our eyebrow cosmetic tattoo training course to build your own business: click here for Microblading and Micro Shading Training Course

4-Frozen lips : A New Natural Look Technique of Lips Cosmetic Tattoos which last up to 5 years.

Frozen lips blush is a type of technique with a soft diamond like finish without using any lip gloss!

Lips get up to 50% to 60% lighter after a week.

First session Price : $750

First touch session : (if needed) $190

It usually lasts 1 to 5 years depending on your skin type and your aftercare routine.





Please read information below carefully before making an appointment for lip cosmetic tattooing.

About the Lip Cosmetic Tattoo :

With lip blush or frozen lips , you can enhance the colour and shape of your lips while still looking natural. No need for fillers to create voluminous looking lips! Perfect for clients who have pale lips or those who have always wanted fuller, more symmetrical, and youthful lips without using fillers.


Lip Cosmetic Tattoo Before/After care:

No hot spicy or citrus drinks for next 5 days. It is usual to get swelling on the lip and more so with a full lip tattoo. Lipstick cannot be worn for 5 days the cream will give a gloss look anyway. There is no after pain, only dryness on the lip. Keep moist with healing Cream, OR a Cold Sore Cream (such as Zovirax Cream) if you suffer with cold sores, alternatively with Bepanthan Cream.

If you are prone to Cold sore , you ever had it in your lifetime or your lips are very sensitive please inform us at least one week before coming to your appointment. So we recommend you to visit your GP and get prescribed medication to avoid having any cold sores.this is because getting a lip blush tattoo sometimes can trigger a cold sore outbreak in some people, as the tattooing process can cause trauma to the skin and weaken the immune system in the area.this can help to reduce the risk of complications and ensure that the healing process goes smoothly.


Lip Cosmetic Tattoo Touch up session:

If you feel any adjustment to shape/colour is needed you must allow 4-6 weeks for the skin to heal.if you would like to come for a touch up you can book from 4-8 weeks after the first session.

Refund and Cancelation Policy Applicable to All Payments:  Please Consider That All Deposits And Payments Are Non-Refundable At Any Circumstances.

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