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We believe each person is beautifully unique, and so are the eyebrows.

Contact us to have new Natural-Look Eyebrows ... for you.

Business Locations, by appointment only:

G.07/177 MonaVale Rd, St Ives NSW 2075

(Beyond Nurtured Beauty Clinic)

Free Client Parking is available via Shinfield Ave (Medical Centre)

Your appointment is 1-on-1 only with Mehrnoush so make sure you come alone as it's a long appointment.

Booking & Contact: You can easily Book Online, but feel free to text message if you prefer to book an appointment by mobile:0410549170


Business Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 6pm.

Training Courses in Sydney:

Join Mehrnoush's Signature Microblading & MicroShading Training to gain skills & confidence to begin a high-paying business and become your own boss.  

High-quality Kit to start your business. Hands-on informative semi-private training in a small group of students in Sydney and 4-month mentoring. Payment Plan Available.

You will be empowered to start and boost your career with Mehrnoush's genuinely caring teaching style, her unique natural brow designing skills, hands-on practice and months of mentoring, coaching and support. See many 5-Star Student Testimonials on this page and Instagram.

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